Innovate Buyers Experience with IBM WebSphere Commerce

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E-Commerce is not merely just about exhibiting and merchandising products online through web but about creating a delighted shopping experience that is all-in-one across all customer touch points. It is about offering an enriched, germane, tailored experience across several supply networks of your business and exploiting the power of your brand and its value unswervingly to your customers.

This blog is not about telling you the advantages of setting up another eCommerce website but focused on how you can use IBM WebSphere Commerce to innovate buyers experience by delivering them products and services at their convenience, with brand new features that’s not just limited to online but can also be used in-store and across all physical and digital touch points.

IBM WebSphere Commerce empowers you to create a powerful customer interaction platform across all digital touch points including mobile, social media and in-store. It’s easy to use tools create and manage precise marketing campaigns, promotions, catalog and merchandising through contextually targeted content and public promotions across multiple sales channels, allowing you to centrally manage a cross-channel strategy.

Some of its key features which could be of great benefit to its users are listed as follows;

  • Helps you compete more effectively with several features
  • Lets you drive customers for making purchases on each visit
  • Employs paid and organic search marketing to increase customers traffic to your site
  • Makes your average order size grow significantly
  • Comprehensive integration from fulfillment of order to customer services
  • Makes easier estimation of potential of online channel with a true e-commerce platform
  • Offers wide collection of features like catalog, selling, marketing, trading and order management
  • WebSphere commerce offers tailor-able and integrated package to its clients.

Built on Java EE platform using open standards such as XML and web services, WebSphere Commerce is a single and unified customer platform supporting all business models including B2B and B2C, online commerce and collaboration with existing and new customers, and partners through effective management of online trade relationships.

IBM WebSphere Commerce, when used with WebSphere Commerce Express and WebSphere Commerce Professional also provides you additional features such as workspace, empowering you to customize your entire selling process that includes everything you need to develop and test an entire e-commerce website. Its integrated development environment allows developers to build and test customizations to any extent including changing the appearance of your site.