How WebSphere Portal can enhance your business process with its integrated features?

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  1. WebSphere  portal combines different applications, processes, and content  from different sources into a integrated presentation that can be accessed from different type of devices.
  2. It provides users single point of access to Web-based resources by aggregating resources in one place thought portlets.overview of websphere portal
  3. It is customizable according to roles, need and preferences. we can define workflows to support business processes.
  4. Web Content  Management provides the Content Management  for Portlets. it is integrated with WebSphere Portal.
  5. It provides SSO (Singe sign-on) so after logging on WebSphere Portal we can access all the core application without re-entering username and password.


  1. WebSphere Portal is used to build and deploy composite application. That application, in Web Sphere portal environment, are referred to as Portlets.
  2. By using portlets we can deliver application, content and workflows to our users (customer and employees).
  3. User Interface of Portal Site can be personalized  according to user needs.
  4. Content of other websites and web application can be integrated by using out-of-the-box Portlets.
  5. Portlets can also be published as remote web service and remote portlets can also be integrated into WebSphere portal Site.
  6. We can create application template. The template is an XML file which references all applicable components (portlets or Java code artifacts), and it specifies meta information (configuration settings) for each component. Business users can assemble their own business applications based on these templates.


websphere portal capabilities


  1. Usage of WebSphere portal is depends upon the user roles.  which comprise the various sections of portal pages.
  2. Portlets are created by Portlet developers. Portlets contains the various sections of portal pages.
  3. Portal and Portlet developers normally use Portlet Factory or  RAD (Rational Application Developer)  to create Portlet.
  4. Creating and Managing Pages, user access and security is responsibility of Portal Administrator.
  5. As WebSphere Portal is based on WebSphere Application Server so Portal Administrator also works with WebSphere Application Server and some other related products that includes DBMS, LDAP Servers.

SOA and WebSphere Portal

1.     Customization of application and process components has becomes more easier because of  New  application framework and it help SOA policy.

2.     WebSphere Portal runs in an SOA environment as a Web application on IBM WebSphere Application Server.

3.     It works with the WebSphere Process Server to support business processes through a advanced portal interface.

4.     Portals can access these services through standards-based APIs.


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