Monitor Pro – Business Transaction Monitoring Solution

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Customers have high expectations. Royal Cyber delivers the answers you need to exceed them. The scale and complexity of data are increasing day by day.

Monitor Pro is a tracking application for IBM Middleware environment to record information involving business transactions. It is highly scalable and robust solution and can track millions of transactions for the businesses. It ascertains both success and failure and leverages various scripts to rectify the transaction failure.

Monitor your IBM Middleware environment and have full visibility of your business transactions. With IBM Middleware Monitor Pro you can mitigate risks such as:


  • Inability to explain why transactions fail
  • Losing critical business transactions
  • Poor performance of flows and transactions


  • Business transaction tracking
  • Message flow tracking
  • Analytics to proactively diagnose activity
  • Root-cause analysis of under performance
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Identify and isolate application issues and status
  • Respond to new business changes quickly
  • Fix and re-process transactions in real-time
  • No development changes required in existing IBM middleware application
  • Browser-based interface (all known browsers supported)
  • Business specific Dashboards
  • Highlights the critical errors for immediate attention
  • Runs on all mobile devices, tablets & desktop

The detailed business activity monitoring helps improve business agility. It offers customizable dashboards, notifications and alerts to provide close to real-time visibility into business operations, transactions and processes for better business insights.

Improve Data Insights

Monitor KPIs that assess the status of business activities.

Customized Security Filters

Use fine-grained security filters to know who can view specific types of information and levels of detail.
Monitor Pro can be deployed on any Operating System and Server platform supported by Java. For optimal viewing experience it supports Responsive Web Design. You can monitor your business using your smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer securely and comfortably at your convenience.

IBM Middleware Monitor Pro interface is extremely simple, easy to use and self-explanatory. Even business executives with little or no technical knowledge can monitor and manage IBM Middleware transactions from a dashboard, drill down to historical monitoring data and generate reports.

Note: Can be hosted on-premises and in cloud