Royal Cyber, A Learning Organization at Your Service

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If I am  company’s decision maker and I need a solution for any of my problems,what would I be looking forward to in my anticipated vendor? Many would start listing down factors like company reputation, expertise, financial strength, and what not. Let me tell you the magic words; the words that will ensure that the company you are choosing is actually the ‘Place to be’. These magic words are ‘Learning Organization’. I don’t want to bombard you with theoretical stuff and definitions of a Learning organization, but to understand the basic concept, the wikipedia definition is mentioned below.

“A learning organization is the term given to a company that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself” Source Wikipedia

If I am assured that my project is being handled by a learning organization, I will not be having sleepless nights. People who are in this position, need not to be reminded that this kind of peace of mind is absent in practically all the outsourced tasks. Now, my claim is that Royal Cyber, Inc is a Learning Organization. If you choose it as your vendor you will be having peaceful sleep. I know its a huge claim to make, but I will prove it in rest of this write-up.

A learning organization looks for continuous improvement in its portfolio, processes, resources, etc. Royal Cyber, started way back in 1997 in Illinois, with a limited product portfolio with a limited number of resources but with the sky wide vision. Those resources were passionate and had the willingness to work out of their skin to gain recognition in the field. So, today Royal Cyber covers almost entire IBM products suites, Many Microsoft family solutions and many other software products. This portfolio enhancement is not possible if an organization does not learn from its previous experiences. If Royal Cyber was not a learning organization it would have been faded away into darkness a few years after its inception, an unfortunate destination of 90% of business ventures. If the organization has  not only survived but also enhanced and expanded from one office in a US state to current presence in 5 continents, that means there is learning, that means there is other vision then to keep on improving. Provided below is a snapshot of Royal Cyber’s current Product Portfolio. As you can see they have covered all the possible bases with our solutions from Enterprise Modernization to Database servers.

Royal Cyber, Solution Portfolio

Now, it would be selfish for an organization to focus only on its growth and ignore the most important resource of its organization, i.e the Human Resource. Today, the business world is about creating a win-win situation. It is easy to understand the win-win relationship between a Vendor and Vendee. For instance, an organization wants a IBM Websphere Commerce based solution, they ask Royal Cyber (or any other vendor for that matter). Royal Cyber delivers it and both parties are happy. What about the growth of Human Resource? Are they mere machines, who perform some task and once they have passed their usefulness they are replaced with new ones? In order add another dimension to win-win strategy between Vendor and Vendee and taking Human Resource along to make it a win-win-win strategy, continuous improvement strategy needs to be adopted for Human Resource as well. Royal Cyber, firmly believe in this strategy and I have personally seen people grown from Internee to Leads (and experts) of their respective areas. Royal Cyber, facilitates its employee to attain Certifications and now they have certified resources in all the areas mentioned in solution portfolio. Training and Development is undoubtedly the most important and invested wing of Royal Cyber.

The solutions provided by Royal Cyber, also reflects this Continuous Learning attitude. With the years long experience of working on numerous projects in varying domains, the resources and company has learned a lot. With the help of online repositories the technical assets are preserved to be used or reused elsewhere upon requirement. In any project the learning is carried forward from the previous similar solution. Basically, wheel is not reinvented every time, and the components, codes, widgets, controls, business logic, etc is reused wherever applicable. This in turn, makes the project delivery rapid and efficient. Rapid, because everything is not started from scratch. Efficient, because due to the previous implementations the solution is matured. In short, it can be safely concluded that by acquiring services of Royal Cyber, your desired tasks are in safe hands.