A Complete Guide to IBM WCS v9 Migration

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At Royal Cyber we do a lot of Webinars, and one of the hot topics for Q1, 2018 is IBM WCS v9.0. In these webinars we speak with business users, stakeholders, consultants, SME’s etc. and one of the most common questions we come across are:

  • How easy/difficult this migration is going to be?
  • Is there enough time before v7 supports goes off?
  • Is there a quick way to migrate, since it is more of a re-implementation rather than a straight migration?
  • How can the client take advantage of all the new features as part of the migration?

What is a “Migration”?

Let’s start with understanding what a migration is all about!
As per Industry Standards, Migration is defined as 03 separate activities but the reality is that a single migration may include all three concepts!

Why you should consider “Migration” right now?

  • IBM has announced that they will be pulling the plug on v7 support in April 2019. You will still be able to use extended support thou (comes at a price).
  • IBM WCS v9 is a BIG step for IBM to change the way their E-commerce platform handles maintenance and customization. In layman terms, after v9 migration (and if you move all your customization on to the XC platform) clients will not need to spend a single penny for any of the future migration (if done right, ask me how) and if you were spending 10 hours to a day updating all your instances across the platform, using “Docker” you would be able to do the same under less than 4 hours (ask me for a demo).
  • IBM has not just developed an “as a service” cloud business enterprise approaching $10 billion , however it has additionally exploited with significant success its “power of incumbency” among the world’s biggest corporations by offering hardware, software and consulting services to help those customers convert their legacy systems into cloud or cloud-compatible environments. That turns out to be a $7-billion business for IBM with some excellent customer use cases. On the other end, IBM.

Need a quote from IBM for your cloud needs? Ask me.

What all “Migration” options do we have for IBM WCS v9?

My guess is that after reading through this, you will start feeling a lot more relaxed about the whole thing. So, without wasting any more time:

1. Lift & Shift (Move, Upgrade) – IBM WCS v9 Migration
This is suitable for customers who:

  • Are not sure about when they should migrate but are worried about IBM support for v7 ending in April 2017.
  • Are not sure if they want to move to the cloud and need more time to evaluate different options (feel free to reach out to me for a quick discussion).
  • Are not aware of what v9 platform has to offer in detail and need time planning how they can take full advantage of all the new stuff.
  • Want to quickly upgrade their platform to the latest version, and then gradually move their customization in a phased manner taking advantage of new features available on v9.
  • Would take anywhere from 03 – 06 Months for implementation.

2. Re-Implementation (Move, Migrate, Upgrade)
This is suitable for customers who:

  • Want better, faster UI experience for their Desktop/Mobile/Tablet customers, thereby making use of the NEW jQuery Storefront in v9 which takes fluidity, responsiveness and better load handling capability across all the devices. Want to see a jQuery Store in action? Please ask me.
  • Want to implement and automate the build, deploy, testing processes (all of this can SAVE a client anywhere between $10K – $30K per month) using the available CI/CD pipeline. Feel free to reach out for a demo.
  • Want to take advantage of the new XC architecture. Moving all enhancement to xC container would mean that customers do not have to plan any other migration in the future. How? Feel free to reach out to me.
  • Would take anywhere from 09 – 12 Months for implementation.

How much will this Migration/Re-Implementation cost (time, money)?

We get you covered here as well. Royal Cyber did 03 jQuery Storefront (Re) Implementations in 2017 and have a very clear understanding of the challenges that lie in the way because v9 uses the same jQuery Aurora Storefront.
We conduct a 03 week IBM WCS v9 Migration assessment and the deliverables include:

  • Fit-Gap Analysis: Royal Cyber Team (comprising of a Project Manager, Commerce Architect, Database Architect, WCS Developer with XC Experience) will sit with your stakeholders to go through your current solution and flag what “fits” and where the “gap” is! This document is made keeping in mind what new features are available OOTB, what is discontinued/deprecated, which customizations can be replaced with Royal Cyber “Widgets” (comes with RC Support) etc.
  • High-Level Migration Project Plan: High-Level Plan to give an accurate picture of how much time and the cost will be involved in the complete migration (a phased approach).

Our IBM WCS v9 migration assessment packages are very affordable, talk to us and you will be surprised! For more information on IBM WCS v9 Migration email us at info@royalcyber.com or visit www.royalcyber.com