SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud

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SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud gives a deeper understanding of customers. It can fetch data from any channel to create a single integrated customer view. Real-time insights help to develop custom Omni-channel experiences. It enables to identify profitable audiences which make it easier to know where to focus the marketing efforts. The powerful discovery & visualization tools assist in better understanding customers by showing their interests, sentiments and behavior.

High volume segmentation is extremely useful. It means that we can use real-time data to identify specific target groups in a visual, easily understood way. This helps in creating multi-channel campaigns across email, social media, SMS and more which can automatically run in response to customer interactions.

SAP Hybris marketing cloud gives the real-time knowledge and tools to react quickly to new marketing opportunities. Moreover, it aids in consolidating all company marketing plans, KPIs, budgeting and tracking into a single view to get the most of your marketing performance.

SAP Hybris marketing solutions enable businesses to understand its customers and to interact with them cleverly. Build profiles of your customers and use them to gain deep insights so you can adapt to their needs. Provide personalized experiences in real-time to increase conversion rates and loyalty.


Single View of Customer

Transform valuable data into a meaningful view of what customers are interested in. Once you have that information, you can customize the experiences for each of them and engage them in building a healthy relationship.

Marketers use various systems and tools to gather vast amounts of data, It is, therefore, essential to have a solution that can create a single view of the customer.

Real-time Marketing

Campaigns can be made more fruitful with a solution that discovers the correct target audience and gets a personal message to them and can give your customers individual experiences at the right time while giving you handy customer insights.

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud powerful tools allow you to analyze and use data as it is created. You can react immediately to customer behavior as it happens. This is marketing for today’s digital world – personalized, targeted experiences that keep customers engaged.

Omni Channel Commerce Strategy

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud combines marketing and commerce systems which gives commerce experience with powerful marketing. By using correct profiles and thorough understanding of your customers, SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud delivers a pertinent commerce experience that works harder for your business.

Get Insights

It is crucial to figure out whether your marketing efforts are producing the desired results. SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud’s analytics information gives in-depth understanding with easy dashboards and reports.

Manage Marketing Efforts from One Place

Hybris solution makes it easier to understand what is working for you. This level of control over your campaigns keeps you on top of budgets and performance. SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud brings your campaigns to market quickly which enables you to get more from your efforts.

Loyalty Programs

SAP Hybris has the features to create a loyalty program which rewards customers every time they interact with your business and gives meaningful insight into their behavior. From writing a review to making a referral, SAP Hybris Loyalty engages your customers everywhere and helps keep them engaged.

Drive Demand

Marketing lead management allows salespeople benefit from marketing’s information and skills. There are various tools that generate leads, develop them further and seamlessly transfer them to sales.

Assess Marketing Performance

When your marketing efforts span multiple channels and touch points, it can be tricky to know which elements are helping you reach your audience and converting them into customers. SAP Hybris Customer Attribution is a multi-touch attribution tool that makes it easier to assess your marketing performance.

Machine learning technology determines marketing activities and their impact on customers across all channels in real-time. This helps in knowing what’s working, what’s not, and how best to optimize.

Marketing attribution lets you identify which various marketing touches influence or impact a customer’s decision to purchase. SAP Hybris Customer Attribution utilizes a collaborative game theory approach to analysis, for more accurate insights that can improve ROI.