What’s New in HATS 9.0

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IBM has released Rational Host Access Transformation Services 9.0, this article highlights the new features and fixes HATS 9.0 has brought.

New Application Server

Now HATS for the first time supports Oracle WebLogic Server with HATS v9.0. You can develop, test run and deploy HATS web applications on Oracle WebLogic Server.

This means HATS 9.0 is now compatible with Oracle Web Logic along with regular IBM WebSphere Application Server and Apache Geronimo Server.

Content Assistance for Macros

With HATS v9.0 now content assistance can be used while editing a macro by Source tab of the Macro Editor or Visual Macro Editor.

Input Fields, ID Attribute

The id attribute is added along with the name attribute to all input fields in HATS transformations. This helps programmers in a number of ways including while writing custom JavaScript.

This function was modified to HATS by a fix pack to the previous version. It is now part of HATS V9.0.


HATS v9.0 can coexist with HATS V6, V7.0, V7.1, V7.5, V8.0, and V8.5, HATS V9.0 can also be mounted several times on the same system. It can be installed and coexist with numerous Rational SDP offerings servicing on your system.


Following is the complete listing of fix packs and interim fixes IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services v9.0 has.

  • Issues Fixed

  • If input field has less characters than original data in the field, data gets corrupted.
  • When the cursor is at the second last position, exit key does not always work.
  • DBCS field, wrong cursor position.
  • ERASE EOF key issue.
  • In iSeries, pooled session stops abnormally
  • While rendering view, NoSuchElementException
  • While sending data to host, addition of extra spaces.
  • While using “Include host and non-host input fields” incorrect movement of cursor to the wrong input field.
  • Repeat find in RCP ability.
  • Web service issue on Geronimo RESTful