A Guide to Integrate WordPress with Coremetrics

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A Client required a customized Coremetrics Implementation for their newly designed multi-site website on WordPress, an open-source PHP CMS. They wanted a solutions which could be integrated to the backend admin panel of CMS and could perform actions like user defined page and product naming along with category, event naming and allocating points to an event, setting up registration tags.


Royal Cyber’s Digital Marketing Team made sure to provide all necessary requirements put forwarded by client, while making sure that all steps taken meet WordPress standard practices. Below you will find major work flow through which we achieved success.



  • Creating New Custom Fields using recognized WordPress Plugin.

Coremetrics Fields

  • Defining Rules to attach Custom Fields to Pages

Coremetrics Page Type Selection

  • Defining Positioning of Custom Fields availability with page.

Coremetrics Tag Placement

  • Making sure desired fields appear with in page creation template

Coremetrics WordPress Form

  • This completed admin panel tasks. In order to utilize these fields we needed to extract them in right page templates. As these tags had to fire in footer section, we turned to footer.php file within the page templates and wrote appropriate code.

Code Snippet

  • Coremetrics JS file was included in the header so that tags could find appropriate definitions.

Code Snippet

All above mentioned steps are just basic steps to setup a customized Coremetrics solution for WordPress. Different client requirements, multiple forms and event placement can multiply efforts required in order to complete a customization.