New Features & Updates Make Dynamics CRM 2016 More Dynamic and Efficient

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Businesses today are more customer driven than at any point in history. The Internet, the social media as well as the transformation brought in by mobile devices have made it easier and quicker for customers to research products and services.

Customers 2020 predicts that the most proactive companies that consciously anticipate the future needs of customers and create a superior experience will etch out a position of leadership for themselves by the year 2020.

According to a research study, almost 72% of internet users are active on social media. 68% of internet users trust opinions posted online and 65% of customers have left a brand due to poor customer service.

A customer experience delivery gap can cost businesses dearly. This means businesses need a solution that can help them successfully develop leads, nurture existing contacts, track their sales, and ultimately, keep their customers happy.

Businesses that adopt proactive customer engagement as a strategy and leverage emerging technology intelligently to revolutionize their business will make significant strides in enhancing profits. Customer service offers unmatched prospects to grow business. As organizations look for newer methods to engage their customers and create a positive service experience throughout the journey, they will see results.

Businesses that can make the transformation from merely selling products to delivering experiences that add value can build lasting relationships with customers and position themselves better for success.

CRM is a powerful tool that enables organizations to not only understand their customers but also enhance customer information management and business processes.

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM to deliver exceptional customer experiences
An intelligent customer engagement solution such as the new Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can help rectify this gap and bring the business closer to its customers.

In 2015, Microsoft acquired FieldOne and Adxstudio and integrated these with the new Spring Wave release. With new product features and stronger integrations, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 will reduce the need for customers to bounce between applications.

Microsoft Dynamics Online 2016 offers new features and some updates on existing functionalities. For instance, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is available in both on premise and online environments in 130 markets and 44 languages. The CRM platform delivers a proactive, personalized and predictive experience. The key areas of focus aim to drive a cloud-first mobile-first connected strategy to help businesses gain higher levels of productivity than ever before.

Key features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016
One Click Document Generation A single click using pre-determined Word and Excel templates
CRM for Outlook App Track emails wherever Outlook is used
Excel Integration Excel templates can be created for CRM entity
Filtered Note Control Navigate through CRM records easily using activity filter
Mobile UI update Number of enhanced mobile elements
Delve Create contextual views of documents
OneDrive for Business Share or manage documents with OneDrive
Interactive Service Hub Interactive Service Hub for customer service teams
Enhanced Power BI integration Data analysis and visualization capabilities to gain better business insights

How can Microsoft Dynamics benefit your organization?
MS Dynamics CRM is a solution that helps organizations across multiple industries build more productive relationships with existing customers and create relationships with new ones.

By combining industry standard CRM best practices of CRM, with flexibility, and high-level functionality, the solution helps businesses:

  • Identify the right prospects and develop customer relationships
  • Cultivate these relationships to enhance profitability
  • Enable and maintain improved customer satisfaction

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