Royal Cyber @ IBM Amplify 2015 – Future of Customer Engagement

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The Rise of electronic commerce gives more advancement and additions to global businesses and financial sector. There is a need to come up with ingenious solutions for commerce industry through different lifecycle and devices which can help industry to have more options. With passage of time B2B, B2C and other commerce products comes in demand and provide this world with many business opportunities. The reason was low operation cost with elimination of ground marketing and advertising.

IBM Amplify replaces IBM smarter commerce Global summit. It is specially designed for IBM commerce clients who are looking for new innovations and to keep themselves ahead with new trends in commerce industry so they can provide best experience to their customers. This event will focus on customer values in form of conference where both executives and practitioners will participate in speaker sessions, workshops and some latest product demos.

This year IBM Amplify going to be held on 11th May in San Diego. As San Diego host major wireless industry manufacturers and several software companies. Event have four tracks:


Customer Analytics



As IBM Amplify is the future of customer engagement as it will give you many opportunities which will help you to maximize your sales in an Omni-channel and B2B environment. Because when it comes to customer the ability to make right decisions at right time are very critical for getting success. In this event you will learn techniques and experiences which will convert your investment into profitable kickoff sessions.

Royal Cyber Solutions for #IBMAmplify 2015

Royal Cyber will help you take your business on cloud and also enhance your customer shopping experience through it products. This time Royal Cyber is back with more new technologies which will not only give you cloud feature but it will boost your company performance with new solution across verticals like Omni-channel, banking, B2B, B2C, and Mobile.

CaptureLife - When it comes to shopping, traditionally it involves long queues and complex payment mechanisms. Royal Cyber Capture Life, the first of its kind Mobile Commerce platform that revolutionizes the retail shopping experience of your customer.

Tealeaf – Helps its users to have an insight of what users are actually doing on ecommerce platform. It’s a customer experience management tool that sums up all the experiences that a user having during the visit over a particular e-commerce application.

Feature Pack 8 – It provides advanced capabilities for B2B businesses that reduce time to market and delivers ultimate brand experience. It have many features like targeting different business and filtering the catalog accordingly and configure products for subscribing & place recurring orders.

WCS Add-ons – IBM WebSphere Commerce empowers you to create a powerful customer interaction platform across all digital touch points including mobile, social media and in-store. As it is easy to use so you can manage precise marketing campaigns, promotions etc. and allows you to centrally manage a cross-channel strategy. WCS add-ons like;

Google Address Suggestion widget helps customer in form of suggesting addresses right at starting point for Registration and as well as in checkout forms.

GoDataFeed Manage all of your orders in one place. With this feature, you can expand your reach to all of the major marketplaces.

YouTube widget enables shoppers to quickly view inline videos in the products listing page without having to go to product details page.