Come Join us at IBMInterconnect 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada Feb 22nd-26th, 2015

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As Cloud Computing and Mobile gets transformed among consumers today, it is critical for every organizations to take the lead and serve the purpose true to its clients faster, quicker and effectively. Royal Cyber, industry leader in IBM technologies since its inception in 2002 serving all the global clients with the profound success. We at royal cyber invite you to the mega event to explore us on top notch cloud computing, mobile, Devops, Commerce and Security technologies for your businesses.

Did you know that Las Vegas is not only known for its extravagant nightlife but also is considered as one of the most popular destination for tourists and a happening place for business events and this year’s IBMInterconnect is also taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada during Feb 22-26th, so if you come down to the event don’t forget to stop at booth #429 to explore Royal Cyber’s expertise and learn more about spearheading your business in 2015.


Speaking Agenda:

3 world class speaker sessions and showcases from our customers themselves telling how RoyalCyber has delivered services beyond expectations. Royal Cyber doesn’t only exhibit at booth #429 rather our clients and presenters will enthrall you with how our system helped our clients to become better in business.






Our unique products have already helped many organizations to save their losses in transactions and the below two products helps everyone to save in million dollars every year.


Monitor Pro (for IBM Integration Bus)


Track performance issues, errors and transactions within your Service Bus Middleware quickly and be able to take actions accordingly. Message Brokers enable applications to exchange communications asynchronously otherwise publish messages for timely access by many subscribers. Learn more


Monitor Pro (for Sterling B2BI)


Monitor your organizations mission critical data and manage transactional issues in real time, triggering the right processes for the right resolution. Now you can get actionable Insights for your business on a click of a button. Learn more


Capture Life:

Today’s consumer is mobile enabled and expects things to be available at the touch of a fingertip. When it comes to shopping, traditionally it involves long queues and complex payment mechanisms. What if there was a solution that helps your clients Breeze from CheckIn to CheckOut within seconds?

Introducing Capture Life from Royal Cyber, the first of its kind Mobile Commerce platform that revolutionizes the retail shopping experience of your customer.

Learn more


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