The BPM-Analytics Factor

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Enterprises are valuing business process management (BPM) as a powerful practice to run their operations. BPM is not only about orchestrating web services or automating processes, but also about finding how processes really work and what tools improve the business impact. By integrating analytics with business components, you can use a BPM toolset with actionable data to help business managers optimize business processes. Sophisticated BPM solutions offer more automation and enhanced analytics in predictive capabilities.

For instance, a leading automotive finance company had trouble improving its customer service and employee productivity. The challenge was in enabling its service associates to access all relevant information regarding a customer’s case and provide a quick and certain answer regardless of where the loan/lease servicing request is initiated. The need was for continuous improvement with case analytics. IBM solutions with case management capabilities delivered the framework to ensure that the right information is available for case progression and resolution where needed. Towards improving staff productivity, managers were provided with insight into workloads and processes. This helped them to optimize case handling and ensure that key performance metrics are met.

BPM with analytics has been generating a new innovation-oriented culture that has its roots in process. Enterprises are realizing how efficiency in their work translates into social output. This BPM-Analytics factor is a game changer that can redefine how businesses are run.

How BPM can serve future process improvements
This is the age of knowledge workers, and companies fully well know how information can be their competitive differentiator. It is in this context that advanced case management strategies of BPM provide a means to deliver future productivity improvements. The result is improved business outcomes, increased efficiency and accuracy. By harnessing the power of BPM analytics and services, companies can dramatically predict all possible outcomes, thereby being prepared in advance. In fact, BPM analytics provides greater management visibility on goals and processes. IBM Premier Business Partner, Royal Cyber, has created tools based on BPM to enable business users to design, create, and manage intuitive business processes. Do get in touch with us to know more.