SWIFT – A powerful new programming language for iOS and OS X

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SWIFT Overview :

SWIFT is Apple’s brand new programming language. It is just announced this year with a new concept. It comes with Xcode 6 Beta and it runs on iOS 8 and also backward compatible with iOS 7. Swift is great because it comes with lot of cool new features and tons of benefits. SWIFT will make your life easier as a developer.

Some of cool features of SWIFT are :

  1. Shorter / More Concise Syntax
  2. Strong Typing and type Interface
  3. Strong support for optionals and mutability
  4. A new Concept of Playgrounds (Interactive Programming Support to see the results as you type)

SWIFT , Objective C and iOS Developer

How swift applies to you as an iOS Developer? let me answer some common questions in the form of self explanatory bullet points.

  • SWIFT can inter-operate with  Objective C (You can call your objective C code as SWIFT And Vice Versa)
  • SWIFT And Objective-C are equivalent for a beginner learner , so one should learn both to survive as an iOS Developer.
  • As an Objective-C Developer , one can easily learn SWIFT in short time but will take a little time to learn iOS APIs.
  • The Code in Objective C can also be used in SWIFT but one should try new features of new programming language.

Differences Between SWIFT And Objective-C

The biggest, and perhaps the most dramatic change between Objective-C and Swift, the bracket syntax of a new language is not used. Swift is minimalist and trying to get rid of distractions in the preparation of the code, such as brackets, parentheses around the conditional statement control statement, end of the line with a semicolon, and more.