Leverage Customers with a Uniform & Seamless Website Experience with Responsive Web Design

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Why do you need a Responsive Web Design for Your eCommerce Store?

  • 79% of time on mobile is spent on shopping.
  • 59% of smartphone users spend 40 minutes per day on shopping and surfing
  • By 2015, more Americans will access the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs.
  • Mobile broadband subscriptions are expected to grow from nearly 1 billion in 2011 to over 5 billion globally in 2016

Having a Responsive Web Design lets you to develop a single website to leverage your customers with a unified experience of your website regardless of the device they use. Having a responsive website or store brightens your chances of getting a customer more quickly because of leaving no sales touchpoints untouched.

Why it is important to have a responsive website?

  • Reduces cost of managing multiple websites for multiple devices.
  • Increases overall traffic of website because of a single website to be marketed.
  • More lead conversions and sales growth.
  • Avoidance of duplicate content issues.
  • SEO friendly and helps in localized SEO techniques.
  • Mobile is the leading world technology so it’s a plus to have a mobile-friendly website
  • Indistinguishable website experience for all visitors’ i.e. same products, services, call to actions etc.
  • Makes it easy for you to analyze and explore potential platforms, and market segments to take effective decisions.
  • Maximizes your chance of getting more customers by delivering uniform shopping experience on different devices.