Enable Smart Incident Management to Minimize System Downtime

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When an incident affects your IT service due to a failure or disruption, it can trigger a chain reaction that can lead to downtime and losses. In such a scenario, it is vital to restore regular service at the earliest possible time and reduce the impact on day to day operations. It is also important for IT teams to be aware of the causes behind the incident. Root cause analysis can help provide insight into the problem and facilitate a quick solution and incident resolution to restore service as soon as possible.

However, many businesses find it challenging to cope with their current reporting systems that tend to create reports on minor or non-existent issues. Organizations need an agile solution to streamline and automate incident management. A smart incident resolution solution can help minimize such false-positives, and reduce the need for human intervention.

PagerDuty Incident Management Solution

PagerDuty addresses this pressing IT challenge by helping operations teams resolve incidents quickly while creating appropriate responses to provide greater value. Available as software-as-a-service, PagerDuty’s incident management solution shields businesses from losses than can be incurred due to downtime and unreliable systems. It provides visibility into operations across the IT infrastructure and organizes every phase involved in the incident resolution lifecycle.

The solution can collect multiple events that occur across systems and alert the relevant team members through phone, text message or email. It can also enable on-call scheduling and automatically escalate critical incidents. In addition, it integrates with ITOps and DevOps monitoring stacks to enhance agility, reliability and ensure continuous delivery. It also enables native integrations with a wide range of operations tools and provides advance reporting.

As soon as an incident is triggered, PagerDuty automatically picks the appropriate engineer based on the duty time and sends alerts via email, text message or phone. If no response is received within the stipulated time, it then escalates the problem to the next level. By linking multiple systems and the IT staff responsible, this incident management solution helps businesses enhance system performance, and delivers a superior customer experience.

Several leading enterprises around the world have adopted PagerDuty incident resolution software to address outdated methods of incident reporting and deliver agility and stability. At a recent event, Alex Solomon, CEO and co-founder of the company said, “PagerDuty’s growth is validation of its vision for modernizing the incident management process for the digital- and software-defined business.”

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