Best Practices – Designing and Developing a Chatbot

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In the period of virtual customer service, on-demand help is expected 24/7. Customers do not want to wait for an agent or an email when they need assistance; they want answers immediately. It’s time to set up an AI chatbot for your business. But in what way?

If you are a growing company set out for highest customer satisfaction with superior customer engagement and achieve this goal with cutting-edge technology, ChatBots should be the foremost term which comes to mind. With Facebook’s introduction of bots on messenger and the growing fame of IBM Watson Cognitive Services and Microsoft Bot platform, there is a visible transition of bots to customer engagement and eCommerce tools. However, many businesses may probe — what is the best approach and practice for a successful bot development?

Design Principles

Designing a conversational experience requires best practices that go beyond the personality and natural language understanding of your chatbot. You will need to take ownership for unexpected scenarios, disruptions, uncertainties and other situations that are the rule when having a dialogue in real time.

Conversational Design Essentials

By adhering to best practices included below, the desire to guarantee a seamless conversations with users can turn into a reality.

  1. Know who your potential users
  2. Deliver user sentiment
  3. Right Bot Development Framework
  4. Guide the user
  5. Reduce user struggle
  6. Listen to the user’s opinion
  7. Human fallback option
  8. Integration with existing business systems
  9. Escalation protocol

It’s important to note that these ideologies will definitely evolve, due to new technical possibilities.

But having them in place makes things so much simpler. We have got a post in the ground. Now we just need to apply these rules methodically and consistently. Without principles you will be just randomly firing ideas in any direction hoping that something works.

Chatbot building with Royal Cyber

In today’s conversational world, ChatBots have become everything. They are all over the messenger boards and, users are growing fonder of ChatBots. But the actual test lies in building a bot that brings value for every user. Leveraging technological advancements and artificial intelligence, developers can realize their dream of creating intelligent ChatBots as per the enterprise and organizational requirement.

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